Timothy A. Kettler

Tim Kettler

Timothy A. Kettler

Assistant Professor of Practice

B.S., Physical Science Education, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1986

M.S., Soil and Water Science (Agronomy), University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1998

Area of Focus

Soil Science

Research Interests

  • Assessment of teaching method and student learning in teacher-centered, student-centered, and computer-delivered courses.
  • The Assessment of Soil Quality and Health, and development of simple soil test methodologies useful to producers and lay people.

Major Project Activities

  • Coordinator for Nebraska State FFA, 'Agronomic Resources' Career Development Event, held the first week of April, annually.
  • Creation of a series of on-line, interactive learning modules to be utilized in the field of Soil Science Distance Education.

Extension Interests

Participated in creation of the USDA Soil Quality Test Kit. This kit is useful for on-site soil quality analyses and currently is in use all over the world.

Courses Taught


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