Greg Kruger

Greg Kruger

Greg Kruger

Associate Professor

B.S., Agribusiness and Applied Economics, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH., 2004

M.S., Plant Pathology, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN., 2006

Ph.D., Weed Science, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN., 2010

Area of Focus

Cropping Systems
Crops - Productivity

Research Interests

  • Increasing crop yields through water management practices 
  • Understanding crop residue management and the impacts of crop residue on crop yields and soil quality 
  • Interactions between pest management strategies 
  • Systems approach to understanding crop production 
  • Maximizing efficiency and efficacy of pesticide applications 
  • Optimizing the use of biotechnology

Extension Interests

  • Sustainable water management in crop production systems 
  • Integrated pest management 
  • Profitable and sustainable crop production 
  • Spray application technology 
  • Crop variety and hybrid evaluation


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