Office Directory

General Areas

Department front office: Annie Vance 402/472-2811 202 Keim
Interim Department Head: Richard Ferguson
402/472-1555 202H Keim
Undergraduate program: Anne Streich 402/472-1640 202A Keim
Graduate program: Danielle Lopez
402/472-1560 279K PLSH
Distance Education: Kathy Schindler 402/472-1730 279J PLSH
Agronomy Farm - Lincoln 402/472-2579  
Agronomy Farm - Ithaca 4-8055  
Center for Grassland Studies office 402/472-4101 203 Keim
Goodding Learning Center 402/472-1515 280 PLSH
Greenhouse office 402/472-7037  
Greenhouse (west) 402/472-1995  
Greenhouse (central) 402/472-1996  
Greenhouse (east) 402/472-9858  
Greenhouse (horticulture research) 402/472-2513  
Greenhouse (Teaching) 402/472-7052  
Greenhouse (Weed Science) 402/472-2438  
Horticulture Turf-Ithaca 4-8087  
Physiology Bldg. 402/472-6336  
SSL Soybean Group 402/472-6343  
Stewart Seed Laboratory 402/472-2435 or 402/472-2436 

Fax Numbers

Agronomy 402/472-7904 279 PLSH
Agronomy Farm - Mead 4-8057  
Center for Grassland Studies 402/472-4104  
Crop Improvement 402/472-8652 267 PLSH
Horticulture 402/472-8650 377 PLSH
Pesticide Education 402/472-3574 FYH
Plant Pathology 402/472-2853 406 PLSH
USDA-ARS 402/472-0516  
USDA-ARS admin 402/472-4020  

Location Key

Locations are on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln East Campus, unless indicated otherwise.

Abbreviation Location
Allwine Allwine Hall, University of Nebraska-Omaha
Bead Beadle Center, University of Nebraska City Campus
Farm Lincoln Agronomy Farm - 84th and Havelock
FORL Forage Research Laboratory
GH Greenhouse
K Keim Hall
KCR Kiesselbach Crops Research Lab
Mead Agronomy Farm
1071 County Rd. G, Ithaca, NE
MUSH Mussehl Hall
Northeast Northeast Research and Extension Center
Haskell Ag Lab, Concord, NE
NRH Natural Resources Hall
Panhandle Panhandle Research and Extension Center
4502 Ave. I, Scottsbluff, NE 69361
PLSH Plant Sciences Hall
SSL Stewart Seed Laboratory
WC Water Center
West Central     West Central Research and Extension Center
461 W. Univ. Drive, North Platte, NE 69101