Agronomy and Horticulture - Spring 2015 Seminar Series

January 23

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Irrigation challenges for crop production and water resources management
DARREL MARTINProfessor, UNL Biological Systems Engineering

Dr. Derrel Martin focuses on efficient irrigation, center pivot design, protecting groundwater quality, optimizing irrigation water use and assessing the impact of agricultural water use on watersheds. His talk will focus on water management factors affecting irrigated agricultural and some activities to enhance producer options for the changing environment.

January 30

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In your own backyard: Plan(t) it to expand education
Associate Professor, UNL Agronomy & Horticulture

Kim Todd will talk about dynamic growing environments such as the Keim Courtyard, Backyard Farmer, and Evasco Gardens and how these can be used to educate the public about the fascinating and complex relationships between plants, soils, insects, diseases, wildlife and water. Technology will be highlighted that will further expand the reach of educators to a wider audience.
February 6

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Antibiotic resistance on farms and in fields
USDA-ARS Research Microbiologist

Dr. Lisa Durso is an ARS microbiologist and will discuss her work on “microbes in manure,” including antibiotic resistant bacteria. Topics will include the human health impacts of antibiotic use in food animals, a review of current research about naturally occurring resistance in the soil, and a call to collect baseline and control samples so that the impact of agricultural best management practices can be accurately determined.
Febuary 13

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A crop consultant’s role in Nebraska production agriculture: Preparing the next generation of professionals
– Servi-Tech, Aurora, Neb.

An overview of independent crop consultants’ duties with Nebraska crop production agriculture will be presented. Training interns, new employees, and the role of universities and the extension in preparing new professionals in the field of crop consulting and advising will be discussed.
February 20

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University of Zagreb education and research programs address Croatian agricultural issues
Associate Professor, UNIZG FAZ

The Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Zagreb has programs at the undergraduate, masters, Ph.D., and postgraduate levels. The Department of Field Crops, Forage and Grasslands is one of the largest teaching and research departments, and has outreach programs with a business sector. Scientists from this department are involved in teaching in the undergraduate and postgraduate Plant Sciences and Agricultural Sciences programs. The department’s staff conducts research on agricultural mechanization, plant physiology, seed production and marketing of grain crops, forage and grassland management, and postharvest technology/preservation/storage of grain and forage crops. Dr. Zeljko Jukic will discuss his teaching efforts and research on utilization of agriculture products in the processing industry and postharvest technology.
Febuary 27

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The global maize project: Testing the concept of ecological intensification around the world
– Director, North American Program, International Plant Nutrition Institute

Dr. T. Scott Murrell will present results from the first four years of a globally-distributed project that compares improved “ecological intensification” practices to current farmer practices. Maize grain yield and nitrogen-use efficiency will be discussed.
March 6

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Revisiting phosphorus recommendations for corn
Professor, Soil Scientist – Crop Nutrition, Haskell Agricultural Laboratory, UNL Agronomy & Horticulture

University of Nebraska phosphorus recommendations for corn have not changed much in over 30 years. Dr. Charles Shapiro will present what the Soil Fertility Team has discussed changing for recommendations. 
March 13

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GrassSnap — an app to make monitoring easier
Associate Extension Educator in the Central Sandhills Area, UNL Panhandle Research & Extension Center

Bethany Johnston will discuss the need for easy data collection methods, the basics of monitoring in a grazing system, and how to use GrassSnap to collect photo-monitoring data. A newer version of GrassSnap will be discussed for grasslands outside of Nebraska and for researchers collecting photo data in the field.
March 20

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Global food futures through to 2050 and the role of R&D
PHILIP PARDEY Professor of Applied Economics, Director of International Science and Technology Practice and Policy Center and Director of Global Research Strategy for the College of Food Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences and the Minnesota
Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Minnesota

Dr. Philip Pardey will present the results of a new approach to assessing the production, consumption and land-use prospects for global agriculture over the coming decades, highlighting the likely consequences of recent substantive changes in the global landscape for food and agricultural R&D.
April 3
April 10

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CASNR International Study Tours: Department of Agronomy & Horticulture leadership and participation
Professor, UNL Agronomy & Horticulture
NORA D'CROZ-MASON Adjunct Assistant Professor, UNL Agronomy & Horticulture

During the past 15 years CASNR has developed numerous international study tours to increase global awareness and experience for undergraduate students. The Department of Agronomy & Horticulture has provided leadership for study tours to Argentina, Australia, Ethiopia and Puerto Rico. This seminar will present a brief overview of these study tours, and then a more detailed presentation on the Argentina study tour.
April 17

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A 30-year partnership with Western corn rootworms: Learning from prior mistakes to protect future innovations
Professor, UNL Department of Entomology

The Western corn rootworm causes in excess of $1 billion in yield loss and control expenditures annually. Managing Western corn rootworms is difficult because of their ability to evolve resistance. Blair Siegfried will present an overview of his research to understand resistance evolution in rootworms and describe recent developments in rootworm management technologies.
April 24

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Soil fertility research in western Nebraska — the past 40 years and what’s ahead
Professor, UNL Panhandle Research & Extension Center, UNL Agronomy & Horticulture

Dr. Gary Hergert will discuss his current research and extension focus on soil and fertilizer management to improve crop production efficiency in western Nebraska.
May 1

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Development of novel oil seed functionality for biofuel and industrial application
Professor and Director of the Center for Plant Science Innovation, UNL Biochemistry Department

Dr. Ed Cahoon will describe his integrated research program to develop novel oil seeds for biofuel and industrial applications.