Policy on Direct Admission to the Ph.D Program

Applicant files will be reviewed for direct admission to a Ph.D. from a B.S. on a case-by-case basis. Students currently in an M.S. program in our Department should follow the procedure below to request approval for by-passing the M.S. degree. 

Students desiring to enter a Ph.D. program without having previously obtained a Masters degree must demonstrate a high level of academic achievement, have excellent written and oral communication skills and provide evidence of scholarly creativity and independent thought. Students can be directly admitted to the Ph.D. program, or can petition to transfer from a M.S. to a Ph.D. program with the approval of their graduate advisor. In both instances, evidence supporting the student's ability to successfully pursue a Ph.D. degree is to be submitted to the Agronomy Graduate Committee for review and final approval.

Materials submitted to the Graduate Committee in support of the student's application or petition should include:

  1. Letter of intent from the student
  2. Academic transcripts 
  3. Three letters of recommendation, one from the major advisor for students petitioning to transfer from a Masters program 
  4. Additional documentation of the applicant's ability to initiate study at the Ph.D. level such as GRE score, qualifying exam score, publications, abstracts, invited presentations, teaching experience or other communication-related activities.