The Department of Agronomy and Horticulture houses a vast array of scientific instrumentation. Items marked with an * are available for use under Department Service Centers with training and/or other stipulations. Please contact Mike Livingston or individual Principal Investigator.

Agronomy and Horticulture Equipment List
MG Labtech Fluostar Omega Multimode Microplate Reader for KASPar SNP Analysis 180 PLSH Stephen Baenziger
Illumina Next Seq 500 High Throughput Sequencing* 364 PLSH David Hyten
Qiagen Biosprint is an Automated 96 Well Plate DNA Extraction Instrument* 364 PLSH Mike Livingston
Qiaqen TissueLyser II for the Grinding/Disrupting Tissue* 364 PLSH Mike Livingston
Qiagen Nanodrop for Measuring Nucleic Acids and Proteins, 1 ul size, 220-750 nm 371 PLSH Mike Livingston
Eppendorf EpMotion5075 Liquid Handling System 364 PLSH Mike Livingston
Sigma RC 6+ High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge with Multiple Rotors and Adapters 364 PLSH Mike Livingston
Sigma 4-16 Centrifuge with a Swinging Carrier Designed for Deep Well Plates* 364 PLSH Mike Livingston
Varian 450 Gas Chromatograph* 358 Keim Hall Humberto Blanco
Thermo Flash 2000 Organic Elemental Combustion Analyzer* 358 PLSH Humberto Blanco
Quantstudio 6 Real-time Quantitative PCR* 364 PLSH Mike Livingston
Biotek Synergy Plate Reader with Fluorescence and UV/Vis Absorbance 365 PLSH Mike Livingston
Eppendorf Vacufuge for Evaporating/Concentrating Liquid Samples in Tubes or Plates* 365 PLSH Mike Livingston
Steam Sterilizers and Autoclave* 371 PLSH, 303 Keim Hall Mike Livingston
OI Anaytical TOC Analyzer with Autosampler* 198 PLSH Martha Mamo
Timberline TL-2800 Ammonia and Nitrate Analyzer* 198 PLSH Martha Mamo
Perten DA 7250 NIR Analyzer, for Determining Moisture, Oil, and Protein in Grain/Flour* Stewart Seed Lab Stephen Baenziger
Foss Infratec NIR Analysis of Whole Grain Samples* Stewart Seed Lab George Graef
Virtis Freezemobile Lyophilizer for Freeze Drying Samples* 376 PLSH Mike Livingston
Parr 6400 Calorimeter for Measuring Heat of Combustion 325 Keim Hall Ismail Dweikat
Thermo Max Q 5000 Incubated Floor Shaker 374 PLSH Mike Livingston
Thermo Class II Biological Safety Cabinet 371 PLSH Mike Livingston
Thermo Forma 1800 Clean Bench 303 Keim Hall, 364 PLSH Mike Livingston
UVP Bio Doc-It Imaging System 303 Keim Hall, 364 PLSH Mike Livingston
Thermolyne Muffle Furnace 371 Keim Hall Mike Livingston
Labconco Glassware Washers 371 PLSH, 329 Keim Hall Mike Livingston
Bruker FTIR Spectrophotometer 371 Keim Hall Michael Kaiser