Faculty and Staff Committees

Graduate Committee

(3 yr term by election)

Keenan Amundsen, Chair (ex-officio)

Amit Mitra (Plant Path rep)

John Lindquist (ex-officio)

Cody Creech (2022)

Amit Jhala (2022)

Victor de Sousa , AHGSA rep (2022)

David Holding (2024)

Harkamal Walia (2023)

Andrea Basche (2023)

Francisco Munoz-Arriola , AgMet rep

Daren Redfearn (2024)

Recruitment and Retention Committee

(on-going committee)

Martha Mamo (ex-officio)

Judy Jean , AHGSA (2022)

Terri James

Kim Todd

Becky Young

Amanda Easterly

Don Lee

Fran Benne

Christian Elowsky

Kaye Wolfe

Undergrad Rep (2022) TBD

Scholarship Committee – Agronomy and Horticulture

(membership is on-going)

Anne Streich, Chair (ongoing)

Stacy Adams

Jeff Mower

Elizabeth Oys , AHGSA rep. (2022)

David Lambe

Becky Young

Michael Kaiser

Sam Wortman

Andrea Basche

Seminar Committee

(2-year term, May 1-April 30)

Stevan Knezevic, Co-Chair (2023)

John Guretzky, (2022) Co-Chair (2022)

Kaye Wolfe, Admin Support (ex-officio)

Diego Jarquin (2023)

Tauana Almeida (AHGSA rep. 2022)

Patricio Grassini (2022)

Dan Uden (2023)

Luqi Li (2023)

Marc Libault (2022)

Chris Proctor (2022)

Bijesh Maharjan (2023)

Sabrina Ruis (2023)