Gwendŵr Meredith

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Gwendŵr Meredith

Assistant Professor

Area of Expertise: Range and Forage Sciences

B.A., Animal Behavior, Ecology and Conservation, Indiana University, 2013

Ph.D., Human Dimensions of Ecosystem Science and Management, Utah State University, 2019

I am a Social-Ecological Rangeland Scientist and assistant professor within the Center for Resilience in Agricultural Working Landscapes (CRAWL), working jointly with the School of Natural Resources and Department of Agronomy and Horticulture. Broadly, I study cross-boundary collaboration across connected landscapes, stakeholder perceptions of land use or land cover change, and the adoption and diffusion of management innovations.

Areas of Interest/Expertise

  • Social-ecological Systems
  • Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
  • Collaborative Natural Resource Management
  • Landscape-scale Restoration Planning
  • Ecosystem Resilience
  • Translational Ecology
  • Political Ecology
  • Network Analysis

Research Interests

My research focuses on information diffusion and collaboration among land managers in rangelands. I study rangelands, and grazing lands more broadly, because they cover a huge portion of the United States and provide a wealth of provisioning, supporting, regulating, and cultural ecosystem services. Rangelands are also interesting study areas from a social perspective because provisioning ecosystem services (e.g. cattle production) are often perceived as mutually exclusive from the other types of ecosystem services rangelands provide and this can create a polarizing management environment. My interests are broad, but my research aim is to bring together multi-stakeholder perspectives that manage grazing lands for all types of ecosystem services, thereby increasing trust amongst stakeholders while promoting the resilience of our grazing lands.


Research Gate publication list
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