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Buy Fresh Buy Local Nebraska®

Buy Fresh Buy Local® Nebraska is an outreach and marketing program to promote and support local foods. The program began in 2006 after tremendous research was done by a conglomeration of consumers, farmers, non-profits and small local businesses that wanted to create a local food system. With on-going grass roots support, it is a collaborative effort of the Nebraska Sustainable Ag Society, Nebraska Cooperative Development Center and Great Plains RC&D, along with national partner FoodRoutes Network.

Nebraska Sustainable Ag Society

Nebraska Sustainable Ag Society is a non-profit organization, proud of their diverse membership which includes farmers & ranchers, rural & urban consumers, market gardeners, educators, families & restaurateurs. They welcome anyone who is concerned about family farming, environmental quality & good, healthy food!

Agroecosystems Analysis Reading List 2014

Book Publications – Our Sustainable Future

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Science-Based Organic Farming 2010: Toward Local and Secure Food Systems

Multifunctional Rural Landscapes 

Authored by Twyla Hansen and Charles Frances, UNL Dept. Agronomy & Horticulture.
Economic, Environmental, Policy and Social Impacts of Land Use Changes in Nebraska.

The paper was featured in the Praire Fire Newspaper, May 2008.

Extension and Education Materials for Sustainable Agriculture Series

Extension and Education Materials for Sustainable Agriculture Series. Center for Sustainable Agricultural Systems, University of Nebraska, 1993 - 2000. A series of volumes useful for traditional classroom instruction, extension meetings with producers, and in-service training of extension educators.
  • Volume 1: Extension Materials (from regional workshops) (1993)
  • Volume 2: Curricula in Sustainable Agriculture (1994)
  • Volume 3: Alternative Approaches to On-farm Research and Technology Exchange (based on national symposium) (1994)
  • Volume 4: Everyone a Teacher, Everyone a Learner (from train-the-trainer workshops) (1995)
  • Volume 5: Shared Leadership, Shared Responsibility (from train-the-trainer workshops) (1996)
  • Volume 6: Future Horizons: Recent Literature in Sustainable Agriculture(reviews more than 90 books on Sustainable Agriculture) (1996)
  • Volume 7: Linking People, Purpose and Place: An Ecological Approach to Agriculture (from the NCSATP Professional Development Program workshops of the North Central Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program) (1997)
  • Volume 8: Procedures for Evaluating Alternative Farming Systems: A Case Study for Eastern Nebraska (1998)
  • Volume 9: Facing a Watershed: Managing Profitable and Sustainable Landscapes in the 21 st Century (1998)
  • Volume 10: Small Farming Systems for the Midwest and Reintegrating Agriculture and Community in the Midwest (1999)
  • Volume 11: Urbanization of Rural Landscapes: Syllabus and Teaching Materials from a University Course (1999)
  • Volume 12: Urbanization of Rural Landscapes: Second Syllabus and Teaching Materials from a University Course (2000)
  • Volume 13: Action Education in Land Use Decisions: Student Views on Urbanization and Farmland Loss
  • Volume 14: Education in Agroecology: Reports and Publications from The Nova University Program
  • Volume 15: Adventures in Experiential Learning: Student Creativity in a Course on Urban Sprawl, 2004

Growing Crops Sustainably - Organic Grape Production by Tara Sood