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Dr. Baenziger - Small Grains Breeding
Small Grains Breeding
Stephen Baenziger
P. Stephen Baenziger

P. Stephen Baenziger
Professor and Wheat Growers Presidential Chair

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The goals of my program are to:

  • Develop new cultivars of winter wheat, barley, and triticale; and spring wheat for the Nebraska and Great Plains small grains producer.
  • Develop useful germplasm for others to use as parents in creating new cultivars.
  • Develop new breeding methods for self-pollinated crops with an emphasis on biotechnology, advanced experimental designs, and crop modeling.
  • Teach an introductory plant breeding course at the graduate level.

This work is highly interdisciplinary, and it is only through and with the work of others that we have accomplished what we have. I hope you will find the information on this page useful to you.

With nearly $1 million in support from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture, a team of global researchers, led by Nebraska’s Stephen Baenziger, is trying to foster the development of hybrid wheat. Their work could enhance food security and educate the next generation of wheat breeders.