Horticulture Specialty Crops

Green peppers

Controlled Environment Agriculture

Our research in controlled environment agriculture includes:

  • Winter production of medicinal and culinary herbs such as basil and chamomile.
  • Winter production of strawberries.
  • High tunnel and greenhouse.
  • Low tunnel and greenhouse.
  • Benching.
  • Colored mulch and plastic.
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CEA Research - strawberries

Flower and Vegetable Resources

Flower and vegetable research resources include:

  • High Tunnel and flower production
  • Good agricultural practices for vegetable and flower growers
  • Organic gardening practices

Backyard Farmer

Master Gardener

Flower and Vegetable Resources

Environmental Horticulture

The environmental horticulture research team is working to develop novel management tactics for local, urban, and organic specialty crop farmers that increase yield and reduce labor without jeopardizing environmental quality.

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Plant & Pest Diagnostic Clinic

Farmer's Markets – Nebraska Extension

Home Gardening – Nebraska Extension

Ben Samuelson picking peppers on East Campus

Nebraska Hops

Our research on Nebraska Hops includes:

  • Cultivar evaluation
  • Wild hops genetic diversity investigation
  • Regional hops breeding program

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Nebraska Hops on East Campus


The University of Nebraska Viticulture Program strives to advance the knowledge, theory and application of grape and wine production for all growers, producers and consumers of grapes and wine for all of Nebraska and those beyond its borders.

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St Croix grapes