Scientist writing in lab

Resources for students

General Resources and Writing Process

A Students’ Guide to Writing in the Life Sciences (Harvard)

How to Write Your First Research Paper (Kallestinova. 2011. Yale J. Biol. Med.)  

Twenty Steps to Writing a Research Article (UNL Graduate Studies – Republished from original)

Video: General tips for improving your writing process


Writing, Citations & Preventing Plagiarism (UNL Libraries)

Harvard Guide to Using Sources

Tips for Avoiding Plagiarism (North Dakota State University Center for Writers)

Genre and audience

What It Means to Know Your Audience (The Conversation)

How to Identify Your Target Audience (Writing Clear Science with Dr. Marina Hurley)

Discover the Target Audience of Your Research Paper (Elsevier)

12 Tips for Scientists Writing for the General Public (American Scientist)


Springer Author & Reviewer Tutorials – Structuring Your Manuscript

Structuring Your Manuscript (BioMed Central)

Writing Strong Paragraphs (University of Newcastle Library)

Sentences and Paragraphs and the Importance of Location (Career Network for Student Scientists and Postdocs at Yale)


Fundamentals of Graphic Design (Murchie & Diomede. 2020. FACETS)

Grammar, usage, and style

Grammar Guidance with Exercises (Purdue OWL)

Grammar, Style, and Language: Writing Resources Guide (North Carolina State University Libraries)


Tips for publishing in Scientific Journals (Science)

Selecting a Journal for Publication (Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis)

Understanding and Avoiding Predatory Publishers (MD Anderson Cancer Center Library)

Resources for faculty

More resources for teaching scientific writing coming soon!

If you are just getting started, the UNL Writing Center has excellent resources for teaching about writing. You can also consult the student resources for ideas. Feel free to contact Christine Booth for assistance about specific needs.