Bill Kreuser


·Turfgrass Science

Bill Kreuser

Assistant Professor, Extension Turfgrass Specialist

Area of Expertise: Turf and Landscape Systems

B.S., Soil Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2009

M.S., Soil Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2010

Ph.D., Horticulture, Cornell University, 2014

Area of Focus

Turfgrass soil and water management

Research Interests

My research focuses on turfgrass soil, water, and nutrient management. I'm currently interested in the relationship between turf crown moisture and temperature stress tolerance. This has implications for turfgrass survival during summer and winter droughts and can result in desiccation injury and plant death. Other interest include sustainable lawn management, use of nitrogen sensing technology to increase fertilizer application precision, and the cause and management of impermeable iron-oxide layers in sand based putting greens.

Major Project Activities

  • Sustainable turfgrass management with particular emphasis on nitrogen and water management on lawn systems of Nebraska and the Northern Great Plains
  • Winter and summer desiccation prevention and recovery
  • Soil management in sand-based golf putting greens

Extension Area of Emphasis

To increase the precision of turfgrass management with new technologies and environmental models. I supplement traditional extension visits and training with web-based media to provide turfgrass managers with timely management recommendations and current research. This includes a new web portal for turf managers to more effectively manage inputs at their facility.


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