Sutton receives Green Roof Excellence Award for Research

Sutton receives Green Roof Excellence Award for Research Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Richard Sutton, center, awarded Green Roof Excellence Award for Research
Richard Sutton receives the Green Roof Excellence Award for Research from Jeffrey Bruce, left, FASLA Chairman of the Board of Directors of GRHC, and Steven Peck, right, Honorary ASLA, President and Founder of GRHC.

Richard Sutton, professor of agronomy and horticulture at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, received the Green Roof Excellence Award for Research for his book, “Green Roof Ecosystems,” at the 2016 Cities Alive Conference in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 28. The Cities Alive Conference is sponsored by Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

Sutton’s areas of focus include ornamental horticulture, landscape ecology, and the design program in landscape architecture.

Virginia Russell, professor of architecture and the Horticulture Program Director at the University of Cincinnati, a Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects, and chair of the GRHC research committee, nominated Sutton.

“Richard’s book, ‘Green Roof Ecosystems,’ is a milestone in our North American literature about living architecture and green infrastructure,” Russell said. “There have been books about green roofs since the 1990s, but none were scholarly, distinguished, or distinctly North American until now.

“A book of this caliber has been long-awaited and I speak for the entire industry when I say that we are very grateful to Richard for his stewardship of this book’s material.”

According to Springer, publisher of  “Green Roof Ecosystems,” this book provides an up-to-date coverage of vegetated green roof research, design, and management from an ecosystem perspective. It reviews, explains, and poses questions about monitoring, substrate, living components and the abiotic, biotic and cultural aspects connecting green roofs to the fields of community, landscape and urban ecology. Included in the book are examples of green roof venues that demonstrate the focus, level of detail, and techniques needed to understand the structure, function, and impact of these novel ecosystems.

Representing a seminal compilation of research and technical knowledge about green roof ecology and how functional attributes can be enhanced, it delves to explore the next wave of evolution in green technology and defines potential paths for technological advancement and research.

The green roof industry recognizes integrated design and installation excellence as well as outstanding achievements in research, policy, and corporate contribution with the yearly Green Roof & Wall Awards of Excellence. The research award honors individuals or groups who have made outstanding contributions to the green roof industry in research and have published a significant green roof or green wall article in a peer-reviewed journal in the past six years. This award is selected by members of GRHC’s Research Committee.

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