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Laila Puntel

Assistant Professor

Area of Expertise: Soil and Water Sciences

B.S., Agriculture Engineering, National University of Mar del Plata, Balcarce, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2010

M.S., Crop Production and Crop Physiology, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA, 2012

Ph.D., Crop Production and Crop Physiology, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA, 2018

Area of Focus

Soil Fertility and Precision Ag

Other Areas of Focus

  • Site-specific crop management
  • Cropping systems and simulation models
  • Integrated digital agriculture technologies
  • Crop ecophysiology

Major Project Activities

Project SENSE

Research Interests

  • Site-specific crop management
  • Understanding of site-specific variability in crop yield response to inputs via modeling of underlying soil and crop dynamics
  • Long-term nutrient management effects on soil and crop dynamics, productivity, profitability, and environmental sustainability
  • Yield forecasting
  • Digital agriculture technology and data-driven crop recommendation systems
  • Nutrient management for yield and quality – in particular wheat and barley

Extension Interests

  • Precision ag strategies for crop management
  • On farm research
  • New agriculture technologies training
  • Data interpretation and use

Teaching Interests

  • Site-specific crop management
  • Mechanisms underlying variability of crop yield response to inputs (e.g. nitrogen)
  • Digital ag technology
  • Data stewardship and open source software
  • Entrepreneurship opportunities in agriculture fields

Courses Taught


Google Scholar publication list
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  • Michael G. Carlson, Roch E. Gaussoin, Laila A. Puntel. 2022. Review of precision turfgrass management research and adoption on golf courses. Agronomy Journal.
  • Thompson Laura, Puntel A. Laila. 2020.Transforming UAV and Multispectral Sensor into a Practical Decision Support System for Precision Nitrogen Management in Corn. Remote Sensing 12(10), 1597