University of Nebraska Travel Requirements

University issues guidance for travelers to active Zika areas

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has issued a guide for members of the university community who may be planning to travel to countries affected by the Zika virus. The guide, issued Feb. 5 and found here, spells out the timeline of the virus’ spread, provides further resources to learn about the virus, and discusses prevention for those who may travel to the countries where the virus has been active. Continue reading. 

University of Nebraska Travel Requirements

University Travel

University International Travel Policy

Why is the university implementing the ITRP?
To safeguard our professionals. It is crucial to know if our faculty or staff are traveling to or already in locales that can pose a risk to their wellbeing. Dangers, both natural and human-made, can arise without warning. When they do, the university needs to be in a position to assist its faculty and staff either by modifying travel that has not yet commenced or by evacuating our personnel when already abroad. Current events remind us that even apparently safe places can quickly and unpredictably become dangerous. And let us not forget the possibility of an individual health emergency.

What do travelers need to do?
There are two easy and simple steps to effect safeguarding our professionals.

  1. All travel outside of the United States must be initiated by completing an electronic travel authorization form prior to booking travel.
  2. All international transportation to be paid with university-administered funds must be arranged through our travel services provider, Travel & Transport, so that travel details are maintained and accessible in the event of an emergency.

Travelers are ultimately responsible for complying with these requirements. If the travel is noncompliant, it will not be reimbursed. There is a process to appeal this consequence should there be circumstances that merit consideration.

Do I have to do this if my trip is being paid for by some entity other than the university?
Yes. You must complete an electronic travel authorization regardless of the type or source of funds used for the trip. The university must know where you are in order to assist you in an emergency. Knowing your travel plans also allows the university to contact you before departure if danger arises in your intended destination.

Medical and Evacuation Insurance
Go to the university Travel Services. At the bottom of that page, under the heading, “Foreign Travel,” you will find a link to “Medical and Evacuation Insurance.” Click on that link and follow the instructions.

How do I comply with Export Control?
So long as you complete an electronic travel authorization and book your trip through the university’s travel services provider, Travel & Transport, you will automatically receive an email from the NuGrant electronic system indicating whether or not you need to complete the Export Control International Travel Checklist. Only those traveling to “red flag” countries will receive the email indicating they must complete the checklist. All others will receive an informational email with helpful travel tips. SAP, the University’s administrative software, will provide Research Compliance Services the ability to assure proactively that our faculty and staff do not inadvertently violate these laws.