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Harvesting Wheat

The Department of Agronomy and Horticulture provides research-based expertise and resources for the homeowner and gardener.

BYF Garden

Backyard Farmer

The Backyard Farmer show is dedicated to helping you find solutions to your lawn and garden questions. Every year from spring to fall, a panel of experts deals with topics from insect pests and disease, turf, and fruits and vegetables, as well as landscape design and general horticulture topics.

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Master Gardener Program

The Nebraska Master Gardener program is a horticulture related volunteer training program which extends the outreach of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with research-based horticulture education.

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Terri James and Kim Todd working with Nebraska Master Gardeners
Wheat plants

Plant Breeding & Genetics Professional Certificate

The online Plant Breeding and Genetics Professional program (non-academic) is designed for busy professionals who want to advance their careers, improve their productivity, and further their understanding of the latest technology and methods used in plant breeding and genetics. This program originates from the Department of Agronomy and Horticulture at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln; however, participants do not receive academic credit or a formal credential.

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CropWatch is a central resource for University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension information on crop production and pest management. It is written by Extension Educators and Specialists in the Nebraska Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

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Crop Variety and Hybrid Testing Program

Corn and soybean field
Turf research on East Campus

Turfgrass Science

The turfgrass program is made up of experts in the areas of turfgrass breeding, weed science, plant physiology, entomology, and soil and water management. The goal is to provide pertinent research based information to turfgrass managers throughout the year and address agronomic issues as they come up across Nebraska, the Great Plains region, and the country.

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Pesticide Safety Education

The Pesticide Safety Education Program (PSEP) at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln in concert with Extension Specialists, Extension Educators, and Extension Assistants provides educational and training programs that address health, the environment, economic well-being, and pesticide safety.

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Spraying a corn field
Corn Field

Crop Production Clinics

Crop production clinics are offered throughout Nebraska in January of each year. The clinics provide practical, profitable, environmentally sound, high-impact training for agricultural professionals and producers.

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Weed Science

The Weed Science site provides links to extension publications and other resources. The Jhala Weed Management Lab's primary goal is to provide research and extension network to clientele for weed management solutions in corn, soybean, and sorghum.

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Jhala Weed Management Lab

Palmer amaranth