Gary Varvel

Gary Varvel

KEIM 129
Lincoln NE 68583-0937

Gary Varvel

Emeritus Professor (Adjunct), Research Soil Scientist, USDA-ARS

B.A., Chemistry and Mathematics, Chadron State College, 1971

PhD., Soil Fertility and Chemistry, University of Nebraska, 1977

Area of Focus

Crop and Soil Sciences

Research Interests

Soil and crop management, cropping systems, soil fertility, and residue management

Major Project Activities

Project activities include investigations into the effects of cropping system and N fertilizer combinations on fertilizer use efficiency, crop yields, precipitation use efficiency, residual N levels, and carbon storage (sequestration) in dryland and irrigated production systems. Additional research activities include the comparison of no-till corn and switchgrass cropping systems on marginal soils to determine their potential for biofuel production and their effects on soil C sequestration.


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