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Agronomy. This degree program is designed for students who are interested in plants and soils as they relate to economic crop production and environmental protection.


Horticulture. Study the science and art of growing and using fruits, vegetables, flowers, ornamental plants and grasses to enhance our living environment and to diversify human diets.

Plant Biology

Plant Biology. Perfect for those who love plants and science. Students can explore plants at the molecular, cellular, organismal, whole plant, and ecological levels.

Turf and Landscape Management

Turfgrass & Landscape Management. Blends knowledge of turfgrass and ornamental plants with an understanding of plant physiology and management to produce "Green" areas that enhance quality of life.


News and announcements

Horticulture Club is growing opportunities

Hort Club Spring Break

The UNL Horticulture Club is an active organization both on and off campus. Members of the club are students who share a passion for plants, both ornamental and edible. Students actively produce and market plants, network with professionals and travel to different destinations to learn more about the commercial production and use of plants. Continue reading.

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Backyard Farmer airs live Thursdays

Backyard Farmer, featuring faculty members from the Department of Agronomy & Horticulture, airs live Thursdays on NET1 at 7 pm CST from April through September. Join us for another great season of answering your lawn & garden questions. View archived videos on YouTube, or interact with the team on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


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