Stacy Adams

Stacy Adams


·Nebraska Hops

Stacy Adams

Associate Professor of Practice

B.S. Horticulture, Kansas State University, 1984

M.S. Horticulture, University of Nebraska, 1996

Area of Focus

Greenhouse Production & Management

Major Project Activities

Extension programs on season extension tools and techniques for Nebraska specialty crop growers. Support Vocational Agriculture Educators through consultation and training on specialty crop production and protected structure growing areas.

Research & Extension Interests

  • Season extension tools for high value crop production
  • High tunnel and greenhouse adaptation for sustainable operation
  • Sustainable production methods of specialty crops
  • Use of biomass and alternative energy for greenhouse operation

Courses Taught


  • Adams, S.A. and E.T. Paparozzi. 2014. Constructing a Block and Fence Growing Bench for use with a Capillary Mat Irrigation System for Greenhouse Plant Production.  UNL Extension Publication EC303. 12pp.
  • Meyer, G. E., Paparozzi, E. T., Adams, S. 2014. Evaluation of a Soilless Media Sensor for Managing Winter-time Greenhouse Strawberry Production on CapMat Systems. St. Joseph, MI: An ASABE 2014 International Meeting Presentation. The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineering.
  • Mabie, D., Meyer, G. E., Adams, S. 2013. Economic and Environmental Sustainability of Small Nebraska Greenhouse Systems. St. Joseph, MI: An ASABE 2013 International Meeting Presentation. Paper number 131608408, American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineering.
  • Lambe, D., S.A. Adams, and E.T. Paparozzi. 2012. Estimating construction costs for a low-cost Quonset-style Greenhouse.  UNL Extension Publication EC 104. 8 pp.
  • Meyer, G.E., E.T. Paparozzi,  E. Walter-Shea, and  S. A. Adams, 2010.  Use of Reflective PAR Mulches to Enhance Winter-time Greenhouse Strawberry Production.  ASABE Paper Number 1009783.  The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, St Joseph MI.
  • Paparozzi, E. T., G. M. Meyer, M. E. Conley, S. A. Adams, E. E. Blankenship, P. E. Read and V. L. Schlegel. 2011. Cultivar choice affects quality and production of winter-grown strawberries. ASHS Annual Conf, p. 52. (abstract)
  • Paparozzi, E.T., Adams, S.A., Meyer, G.E., Conley, M.E., Schlegel, V., Blankenship, E. and P.E. Read. 2010.  Selecting strawberry cultivars for winter greenhouse production.  HortScience 45(8):S230 (Abstr.).
  • Meyer, G.E.,  E.T. Paparozzi, E.A.Walter-Shea, E.E. Blankenship, and S.A. Adams, 2011.  An Investigation of Reflective Mulches for Use over Capillary Mat Systems for Winter-time Greenhouse Strawberry Production.  Engineering in Agriculture.

Grant Project Activities

  • Adams, S.A. and G.E. Meyer.  2006.  The Suitability of Flexible Fuel Biomass Heating for the Greenhouse Crop Environment and the Effect of Crop Profitability when Compared to Propane Heating.  SARE Farmer Rancher Grant Project Number FNC06-629.
  • Meyer, G.E., F.J. Hay, and S.A. Adams.  2008.  Improved Controls for Biomass Heating and Impact on Greenhouse Profitability.  Nebraska Center for Energy Sciences Research, Project 203.
  • Meyer, G.E, D. Mabie, F.J. Hay, S.A. Adams, T. Bartels, and J.B. Fitzgerald. Improved Instrumentation and Controls for Biomass Heating and Impact on Greenhouse Profitability. ASABE Meeting Presentation Paper Number: 09-096884.