Faculty Advisory Committee

Faculty Advisory Committee

Department of Agronomy and Horticulture Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC) Structure

The FAC will consist of 15 members, 10 elected from the faculty, the Teaching Coordinator, Extension Coordinator, Graduate Committee Chair, Head and Associate Head. The Head and Associate Head will be ex-officio. For the initial restructured FAC, current incoming-chair FAC members (six in total) will remain for one or two years. Four members will be elected by nomination and ballot from remaining faculty. On their first meeting, elected members will choose a method to appoint existing members to one and two-year terms, in order to offset membership of the FAC such that there is not complete turnover of the committee every two years. In subsequent years, nominations from the faculty at large will be taken to elect five members for two-year terms.

Next FAC Meeting 2017Wednesdays at 3:30 pm, PLSH 279M

Meetings will resume Fall 2017.

Roch Gaussoin

Roch Gaussoin
Department Head

Richard Ferguson

Richard Ferguson
Associate Head

Mark Lagrimini

Mark Lagrimini
Chair (Indefinite)
Graduate Committee Chair

Bruce Anderson

Bruce Anderson
Extension Coordinator

Dennis McCallister

Dennis McCallister
Teaching Coordinator

David Holding

David Holding (2017) 

Leah Sandall

Leah Sandall (2017)

Dirac Twidwell

Dirac Twidwell (2017) 

Harkamal Walia

Harkamal Walia (2017) 

Stacy Adams

Stacy Adams (2018)

David Hyten

David Hyten (2018)

Chris Proctor

Chris Proctor (2018)

Brian Waters

Brian Waters (2018) 

Rodrigo Werle

Rodrigo Werle (2018)