Richard B. Ferguson  Associate Department Head and Soil Fertility Specialist

Richard B. Ferguson portrait

Contact Information

Area of Focus

Soil Fertility


  • B.S., Biology/Chemistry, Friends University, 1976
  • M.S., Agronomy/Soil Fertility, Kansas State University, 1981
  • PhD., Agronomy/Soil Fertility, Kansas State University, 1985

Research Interests

  • Site-specific crop management
  • Landscape position impacts on nitrogen and water use efficiency
  • Use of crop canopy sensors for in-season evaluation of crop stress - particularly for nitrogen and water
  • Management practices to minimize nitrogen loss to the environment
  • Enhanced-efficiency fertilizers and their impact on nutrient use efficiency
  • Impacts of biomass removal on long-term soil productivity

Extension Interests


  • Site-Specific Crop Management - AGRO/MSYM/AGEN 431 - fall semesters (Syllabus)
  • Spatial Variability in Soils - AGRO 831 - distance course, spring semesters, even-numbered years (Syllabus)

Major Project Activities

Multi-state committees:

  • Nebraska representative - NCR-180 - North Central Committee on Site-Specific Management
  • Nebraska representative - NCR-103 - North Central Committee on Non-Traditional Products

Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management Resources:

Recent Research Publications

  • Adamchuk, V.I., A.S. Mat Su, R.A. Eigenberg, and R.B. Ferguson. 2011. Development of an angular scanning system for sensing vertical profiles of soil electrical conductivity. Trans. of the ASABE 54(3):1-11.

Recent Extension Publications