Roch E. Gaussoin

Roch Gaussoin

Roch E. Gaussoin


B.S., Agronomy, New Mexico State University, 1980

M.S., Crop Science, New Mexico State University, 1983

Ph.D., Turfgrass Science, Michigan State University, 1988

Area of Focus

Weed Science

Research Interests

To develop a nationally recognized applied research effort in Integrated Turfgrass Management (ITM). The ITM effort will concentrate on development of cultural systems which identify input-limited, environmentally sound management programs for turfgrass maintenance

Major Project Activities

  • Development of Limited Input Golf Course Management Systems
  • Integrated Weed Management for Turf and Landscape Systems

Extension Interests

Provide current cultural recommendations, product evaluations and other ITM information, as appropriate via In-service Education, Master Gardener and Professional Turf Manager Training.


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