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Paul E. Read


B.S., Extension Education,Cornell University, 1959

M.S. Vegetable Crops, Cornell University, 1964

Ph.D., Biological Sciences, University of Delaware, 1967

Area of Focus


Research Interests

Improvement and multiplication of horticultural crops via tissue culture and applied biotechnology; principles and practices for better understanding adaptability of grapes and other fruits to Nebraska conditions; multiplication of novel and newly selected plants useful for the horticulture industry in Nebraska, the Great Plains, and beyond.

Extension Interests

Serving as a resource for Nebraska's developing grape and wine industry; publication of the Nebraska VineLines (4 to 6 issues/year); coordination of educational programs on viticulture and enology, including Annual Nebraska Winery and GrapeGrowers Forum and Trade Show, winemaking schools, Field Days, and workshops on specific topics, such as weed management, pruning, and disease management; assisting the horticultural industry in adopting practices that facilitate rapid introduction of new and improved genotypes of horticultural crops.

Major Project Activities

Evaluation of cultivars ("varieties") and breeders' selections of grapes (over 70 on trial in several locations in Nebraska); studies of cultural practices, physiology and phenology for grapes and other fruits with regard to their suitability for adoption by the developing grape and wine industry; refining forcing solution and other tissue culture techniques for enhanced efficiency of multiplication of horticultural crops selected/bred for potential introduction, especially vegetatively propagated species; assisting potential growers and entrepreneurs in assessing and implementing potential opportunities in Nebraska's developing grape and wine industry.

Courses Taught


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*     Student advised by Paul E. Read.
**    Continued collaboration post-graduation.