Staff Directory

Cheryl Alberts Irwin Project Coordinator - Pesticide Safety Education
Alberts Irwin Cheryl
Fran Benne Design and Communications Specialist
Fran Benne
Cheryl Bogenrief Accounting Associate
Cheryl Bogenrief
Franklin Bright Extension Assistant - Pesticide Safety Education
Franklin Bright
Ashley Burns-Hassebrook Research Technologist I
Ashley Burns-Hassebrook
Marlene Busse Administrative Support Associate
Marlene Busse
Carol Caha Research Technologist II
Carol Caha
Liz Conley Research Technologist I
Liz Conley
John Dillingham HR Business Partner
John Dillingham
Greg Dorn Research Technologist II
Greg Dorn
Cheryl Dunn Research Manager Herbarium Curator
Cheryl Dunn
Tyler Frederick Research Technologist II
Tyler Frederick
Judy Fredrick OFFICE Associate
Judy Fredrick
Tomie Galusha Research Technologist I
Tomie Galusha
Stephen Gamet Research Technologist I
Stephen Gamet
Michelle Green-Ihde Office Associate
Michelle Green-Ihde
Connie Hansen Office Associate
Connie Hansen
Robert Harrison Web App Programmer
Robert Harrison
Mary Jo Haverkamp Personnel Associate
Mary Jo Haverkamp
Heidi Hillhouse Research Technologist II
Heidi Hillhouse
Aaron Hoagland Research Technologist II
Aaron Hoagland
Gene Hogan Financial Specialist I
Gene Hogan
Jan Hygnstrom Project Manager - Pest Education
Jan Hygnstrom
Julie Jacobs Office Assistant
Julie Jacobs
Ronnie Janssen Ag Research Technician III
Ronnie Janssen
Shawn Jenkins Research Technologist II
Shawn Jenkins
Elizabeth Jeske Research Technologist I & Lecturer
Elizabeth Jeske
Lana Johnson Design and Communications Specialist
Lana Johnson
Sarah Johnson Financial Associate
Sarah Johnson
Dean Krull Research Technologist I
Dean Krull
Todd Kudlacek Ag Research Technician II
Todd Kudlacek
Richard Little Research Technologist II
Richard Little
Michael Livingston Laboratory Operations Manager
Michael Livingston
Logan Loeffelholz Ag Research Technician II
Logan Loeffelholz
Ben Loseke Research Technologist I
Ben Loseke
Casey Lundberg Office Supervisor
Casey Lundberg
Brian Maust Research Technologist I
Brian Maust
T. J. McAndrew Research Facility Coordinator
T. J. McAndrew
Kay McClure-Kelly Administrative Associate
Kay McClure-Kelly
Maribeth Milner GIS Specialist
Maribeth Milner
Mitch Montgomery Research Technologist I
Mitch Montgomery
Carol Morgenson Research Technician III
Carol Morgenson
Wendy Morrissey Events Coordinator
Natalya Nersesian Research Technologist I
Natalya Nersesian
Diane Nolan Information Technology Associate
Diane Nolan
John Parrish Research Technologist I
John Parrish
Gregory Puckett Extension Assistant - Pesticide Safety Education
Gregory Puckett
John Rajewski Research Technologist II
John Rajewski
Joshua Reznicek Research Technician I
Joshua Reznicek
Martha Rowe Research Technologist I
Martha Rowe
Kathryn Schindler Administrative Support Associate
Kathryn Schindler
Vicki Schroeder Office Associate
Vicki Schroeder
David Scoby Research Technologist I
David Scoby
Daniel Simon Ag Research Technician II
Daniel Simon
Christine Smith Research Technologist I
Blank Photo
Jonathan Soper Research Technologist I
Jonathan Soper
Matthew Sousek Research Manager - Plant Science
Matthew Sousek
Carol Speth Educational Assessment Specialist
Carol Speth
Jenny Stebbing Research Manager
Jenny Stebbing
Heather Steffens Financial Associate
Heather Steffens
Pam Sutton Research Technologist I
Blank Photo
Greg Teichmeier Research Manager II - Plant Science
Greg Teichmeier
Susan Thomas Accounting Associate
Susan Thomas
Angela Thompson Personnel Generalist
Angela Thompson
Benjamin VanRyzin Research Technologist II
Benjamin VanRyzin
Annie Vance Office Associate
Annie Vance
Robert Vavala Distance Education Specialist
Sue Walker Business Manager
Sue Walker
Haichuan (John) Wang Research Technologist II
Haichuan (John) Wang
Marc Walter Research Technician I
Marc Walter
Christine Weitzel Office Assistant
Christine Weitzel
Lan Xu Research Manager Lab I
Lan Xu
Orlando Zapata Research Technologist II