Charles S. Wortmann

Charles S. Wortmann


·Atlas of Sorghum Production in Eastern & Southern Africa

Charles S. Wortmann


B.S. in Agronomy, University of Nebraska, 1972

M.S. in Soil Science, University of Nebraska, 1978

Ph.D. in Crop Science, University of Nebraska, 1987

Area of Focus

Soil Science


Sustainable Land Resource Management

High Yield Soybean Production

Explaining Statistical Analysis to Farmers

TOT in Uganda

Fighting Hunger in Africa

Optimizing Fertilizer Use in Uganda

Nitrogen Loss Assessment Tool (N-LAT)

Land Application of Novozyme Spent Biomass

Research Interests

Improved nitrogen and phosphorus management for improved nutrient use efficiency, water quality protection, and reduced nitrous oxide emissions in Nebraska's agriculture; and improving soil and water management for crop production in sub-Saharan Africa.

Major Project Activities

Research and extension for more profitable and environmentally safe nutrient management in Nebraska, and support to soil fertility management research and extension in sub-Saharan Africa.

Extension Interests

Soil fertility management, nutrient management planning, manure use, water quality protection, climate change issues, and optimizing fertilizer use in Africa.

Other Experience

Twenty years of agricultural research and extension experience in Africa; fluent in Swahili.


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