graduate programs

As a University of Nebraska-Lincoln graduate student in the Range, Pasture, and Forages group you will have the opportunity to work with internationally-recognized faculty and a diverse group of fellow graduate students while having a program of study tailored to fit your research interests and career goals. Our exceptional field sites in Nebraska and beyond (some of which are in ecosystems not found anywhere else in the world) provide a wide-range of ecologically important plant and animal communities. Faculty and graduate students collaborate nationally and internationally to ultimately publish their research in various journals, including top-tier journals.

Past and current research projects include grassland and rangeland ecology, prairie restoration, rare plants, climate change, patch-burn grazing, fire ecology, animal nutrition, grazing ecology and management, and wildlife habitat management.

Successful UNL graduates have gone onto:

  • Ph.D. programs
  • Extension positions
  • American Prairie Reserve
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • U.S. Forest Service
  • Environmental Consulting
  • National Park Service
  • Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
  • San Diego and Denver Zoo Research Programs
  • Private Industry
  • University Professor
  • University Research Technicians

Traditional Programs

M.S. in Agronomy or Ph.D. in Agronomy and Horticulture

Specializations available in Range, Forage and Turfgrass Sciences (M.S. and Ph.D.) and Applied Ecology (M.S. and Ph.D.)

range grazing management

Current Assistantship Offerings

Employment Opportunities
range grazing seminar

Online Programs

Master of Science in Agronomy

M.S. of Science in Agronomy allows for the flexibility of a completely online degree. Options are available for both a thesis and non-thesis course of study, as well as, specializations in both Crop Physiology and Production and Plant Breeding and Genetics.

Grasslands Management Graduate Certificate

Grasslands Management Certificate through UNL and Ag*Idea provides current and future grassland professionals with the opportunity to gain knowledge on how to better manage grasslands of the Great Plains. This 12-credit graduate certification greatly enhances careers of those individuals working or interested in Conservation, Extension, Land Stewardship, Environmental Consulting, and Ranching.