Bijesh Maharja
Panhandle Research and Extension Center


·Maharjan Soil Science Lab

Bijesh Maharjan

Assistant Professor

Area of Expertise: Soil and Water Sciences

Ph.D., Land and Atmospheric Science (Soil Science track), University of Minnesota, 2013

M.S., Environmental Engineering, University of North Dakota, 2008

B.S., Moscow State University of Food Production, Moscow, Russia, 2003

Area of Focus

Soil and Nutrient Management

Research & Extension Interests

  • Soil and nutrient management
  • Water quality
  • Precision Agriculture

Professional Memberships


Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications

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  • Panday, D., Ferguson, R.B. and Maharjan, B. 2018. Flue gas desulfurization gypsum as soil amendment. In: (ed. Rakshit A., Sarkar B. and Abhilash, P.C.) Soil Amendments for Sustainability-Challenges and Perspectives. CRC Press. Taylor & Francis Group. p 199-208.
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