AGRO 803: Scientific Writing and Communication

Science Communication

Instructor(s): Christine Booth

Number of Credit Hours: 3

Cross-listings: PLAS 403, HORT 803

Prerequisites: Senior standing or higher, an ACE 1 written communication course, an ACE 2 oral communication course, and permission of instructor.

Description: Reading and critiquing, writing, and presenting scientific information. Use research data to compose a manuscript in standard scientific format, and prepare and present a poster to a general audience. Ethical issues in research and writing.

Learning Outcomes/Course Objectives

  1. Understand and analyze the various types and purposes of technical writing.
  2. Understand scientific ethics and demonstrate ethical writing.
  3. Understand and apply technical writing skills to produce a clear, logical, and grammatically correct scientific manuscript or thesis chapter.
  4. Know and apply the writing process to create an original scientific manuscript.
  5. Justify scientific interpretations by demonstrating a broad knowledge of the relevant scientific field.
  6. Evaluate the clarity, logic, and grammatical correctness of scientific writing.
  7. Create and present a scientific poster.