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Christian Elowsky

Instructor(s): Christian Elowsky

Number of Credit Hours: 4

Cross-listings: AGRO 878, HORT 878

Prerequisites: None

Description: Development, structure, and function of tissues and organs of the higher plants. Relationships of structure to physiology and ecology of plants.

Learning Outcomes/Course Objectives

  1. Foundational content expertise in both model and non-model plant species (cells, tissues, organs).
  2. Skills to make fresh slides mounts to assess and document the anatomy of plant organs.
  3. Predict the anatomy of a plant based on its native habitat or predict selective pressures on a plant based on its anatomy.
  4. Competence in the field to independently create a summative review of an anatomical topic based on primary scientific literature.
  5. Assess the accuracy of journal article images and present counter argumentative information and analysis.