Bruce Anderson

Professor of Agronomy, Extension Forage Specialist

B.S. Agronomy, University of Nebraska, 1974

M.S. Agronomy, University of Missouri, 1977

Ph.D. Agronomy, University of Missouri, 1980

Area of Focus

Grazing Systems

Research Interests

  • Annual forages in grazing systems
  • Utilization of warm-season grasses
  • Forage quality in hay and pasture systems
  • Using legumes to improve pastures

Extension Area of Emphasis

  • Pasture utilization
  • Grazing management
  • Warm-season grasses in forage/livestock systems
  • Alfalfa producation and marketing
  • Grazing maize and other annual forages

Major Project Activities

  • Evaluating annual forages in irrigated and dryland grazing systems
  • Impact of grazing management strategies (2, 6, or 36 paddock rotations) on survival of birdsfoot trefoil, alfalfa, or kura clover within smooth brome/legume pastures
  • Identification of legumes compatible with grazed warm-season grasses and their affect on cattle production
  • Evaluation and development of nested paddock experimental design
  • Use of alfalfa in irrigated crop production systems
  • Alfalfa variety testing
  • Training in Management Intensive Grazing
  • Alfalfa Management Schools
  • Chinese forage production systems and research needs


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