Guillermo Balboa

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Guillermo Balboa

Research Assistant Professor

Area of Expertise: Plant Physiology, Weed, and Production Systems

B.S. Agriculture Engineering, Rio Cuarto National University, Rio Cuarto, Cordoba, Argentina 2008

M.S. Crop Production, Rio Cuarto National University, Rio Cuarto, Cordoba, Argentina 2014

PH.D Agronomy, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, United States 2018

Area of Focus

Cropping systems, nutrient management, digital agriculture

Research Interests

Site-specific crop management, Crop simulation models, Crop ecophysiology. Passionate about agriculture, applying agronomic knowledge, soil science, and crop production principles to investigate innovations in farming systems that increase productivity, water, and nutrient use efficiency to achieve sustainability. Integrating the state of the art, field experiments, modeling, and digital agriculture tool. Working in collaboration with other research groups, farmers, industries, and stakeholders to develop a cutting-edge research and extension program. Working effectively with multi-disciplinary and multicultural research teams, where diversity is a key factor for success.


  • 2017 Kansas Corn Next Generation Scholarship for Graduate Student Scholarship
  • 2017 Dr. Neal F and Florence E Morehouse Scholarship at Kansas State University
  • 2016 Crawford Foundation Training Award.
  • 2016 Gerald O. Mott Award from the Crop Science Society of Agronomy
  • 2016 John H. Parker Scholarship recipient at Kansas State
  • 2015 IPNI Student Award 2014 Fulbright Scholarship
  • 2014 Monica Mourier Archibald Award


Google Scholar publication list
  • Balboa GR, Ciampitti IA. 2019. Estimating biological nitrogen fixation in field-grown soybeans : impact of B value. Plant Soil. doi:
  • G.R. Balboa, S.V. Archontoulis, F. Salvagiotti, F.O. Garcia, W.M. Stewart, E. Francisco, P.V. Vara Prasad, and I.A. Ciampitti 2019 A systems-level yield gap assessment of maize-soybean rotation under high- and low-management inputs in the Western US Corn Belt using APSIM.
  • Balboa, G.R.; V.O. Sadras and I.A Ciampitti. Shifts in soybean yield, nutrient uptake, and nutrient stoichiometry: A historical synthesis-analysis. Crop Sci. 58:1–12 (2018). Published online in Crop Science 11/30/2017.
  • Adee E, Roozeboom K, Balboa GR, Schlegel A and Ciampitti IA (2016) Drought-Tolerant Corn Hybrids Yield More in Drought-Stressed Environments with No Penalty in Non-stressed Environments. Front. Plant Sci. 7: 1-9
  • S. Tamagno, G.R. Balboa, Y. Assefa, P. Kovács, S.N. Casteel, F. Salvagiotti, F.O. García, W.M. Stewart, and I.A. Ciampitti. Nutrient Partitioning and Stoichiometry in Soybean: A Synthesis-Analysis. F. Crop. Res. 200: 18–27