Andrea Basche


·Resilient Cropping Systems Lab

Andrea Basche

Assistant Professor

Area of Expertise: Soil and Water Sciences

B.S., Biological Sciences & Philosophy, Fordham University, 2006

M.A., Applied Climate Science, Columbia University, 2010

Ph.D., Crop Production & Physiology and Sustainable Agriculture, Iowa State University, 2015

Area of Focus

Cropping systems

Research Interests

  • Resource use efficiency in cropping systems
  • Soil health
  • Agricultural systems modeling
  • Agroecology
  • Water resources
  • Human and policy dimensions of agricultural decision-making

Awards and Honors

  • Best Research Paper for Impact and Quality, Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, 2017
  • Iowa State Graduate Symposium 1st Place 3-Minute Thesis Contest, 2015
  • Iowa State Agronomy Dept. Outstanding Graduate Student, 2014


Google Scholar publication list
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  • Basche, A.D., DeLonge, M. 2017. The impact of continuous living cover on soil hydrologic properties: a meta-analysis. Soil Science Society of America Journal. 81(5): 1179-1190.
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  • Basche, A.D., Archontoulis, S.A., Kaspar, T.K, Jaynes, D.B., Parkin, T.B. Miguez, F.E. 2016. Simulating long-term impacts of cover crops and climate change on crop production and environmental outcomes in the Midwestern United States. Agriculture, Ecosystems and the Environment. 218: 95-106.
  • Basche, A.D., Miguez, F.E., Kaspar, T.K., and Castellano, M.J. 2014. Do Cover Crops Increase or Decrease Nitrous Oxide Emissions? A Meta-Analysis. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation. 69(6): 471-482.
    – Journal of Soil and Water Conservation Best Research Paper for Impact and Quality, 2017