Greenhouse Growing
Blanco Research

Welcome to the Blanco Research Team in the Department of Agronomy and Horticulture at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

Our team is working on timely topics dealing with soil physical processes, soil-water-plant relationships, carbon cycling, greenhouse gas emissions, water quality, and others, which interlink all soil ecosystem services. Current research projects in our program include grazing and harvesting cover crops, growing cover crops in degraded lands, growing dedicated energy crops in marginal lands, grazing and baling corn residues, evaluating conservation tillage systems, applying organic amendments (i.e., char application), and more.

If you are a driven individual and want to discover your full potential with new ideas in the exciting field of applied soil physics and soil management, I suggest you join our team where “The Sky is the Limit” with boundless research opportunities to succeed. For specific research positions, please see our openings. If you have questions or just want to visit, stop by 261 PLSH or contact me at 402-472-1510 or at