Ismail Dweikat


·Sweet Sorghum Research

Ismail Dweikat


Area of Expertise: Plant Breeding and Genetics

B.S., Plant Science, University of Florida, 1981

M.S., Vegetable Crop Physiology, University of Florida, 1983

Ph.D., Plant Breeding and Genetics, University of Florida, 1988

Area of Focus

Pearl Millet Genetics and Sorghum

Research Interests

I work in sorghum and pearl millet genetics. My program focuses on the genetics of sorghum and pearl millet with emphasis on the identification of DNA-based markers and mapping systems useful in practical selection schemes.

Extension Interests

Providing the sorghum and millet growers with timely information regarding opportunities and advances in germplasm development.

Major Project Activities

Identify loci and specific alleles that control the concentration of sweet sorghum stem sugar and cell wall constituents and flowering habit that are associated with biomass production. Application of comparative genomics to quantitative trait (QTL) analysis with emphasis on seed size, cold adaptation, and nitrogen use efficiency in sorghum. Study the molecular basis for cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS) in pearl millet. Establishment of strategies for efficient sorghum inbred development using DNA-based fingerprinting methods.


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