Emeritus Status for Retired Faculty

Emeritus status is the rank awarded by the Board of Regents to an employee at the time of retirement in recognition of substantial service rendered to the University in teaching, research, extension, or administration in a professional field. It may also be awarded to a retired administrator whose work impinges directly on the educational program.
For faculty the recommendation is initiated by a vote of the departmental faculty with the endorsement of the chair and dean. In the case of A-line administrators, the recommendation is made by that individual's immediate supervisor. Consistent with Regents policy, eligibility for emeritus status includes being at least 55 years of age and having been employed by the University of Nebraska for at least ten years, although exceptions to this may be made by the Board.

The official statement of the Board indicates that, while a retired individual is clearly on a non-active status with regard to required activities, emeritus status is granted to encourage the individual to maintain association with the institution and to continue study and scholarly investigation. Certain perquisites and privileges are provided as follows:

  • On all formal occasions, emeritus faculty are recognized on the same basis as active members. They do not attend departmental or faculty meetings except upon invitation by the presiding office, and then without vote, but with privilege of the floor.
  • As detailed in the Graduate College Governance Document, upon the recommendation of the departmental or interdepartmental Graduate Committee, retired Graduate Faculty Members who have been appointed to emeritus status may retain the rights and privileges associated with their level of membership on the Graduate Faculty. Further, consistent with the policies of the Distinguished Professorships Committee, emeriti faculty may retain any special professorship title as approved by the Chancellor.
  • When emeritus faculty are called upon to act as references for former students, to furnish information to earlier associates, or to perform any other similar university service stemming from a responsibility which continues beyond their retirement, they are entitled to use official stationery and other departmental office privileges as is customary.
  • Special privileges within a department relating to office space or desk room and use of research facilities, including access to the computer network, may be granted at the discretion of the dean or director, in consultation with the department head or chair. This decision will take into account availability of space and the individual's ongoing contribution to the university.
  • The Campus Parking Office will issue a standard parking permit at no charge to any emeriti.
  • The Athletic Ticket Office allows all emeriti faculty to purchase tickets for athletic events on the same basis as current employees (BOR Policy 4.2.6). Non-emeriti faculty and all retired staff maintain the same priority level they held during employment, however tickets must have been purchased for 10 consecutive years prior to retiring to retain them.
  • Events sponsored by the University Program Council at the Student Union are available to all emeriti at the same discounts as regular faculty.