FAQs for Prospective Undergraduate Students

  1. How do I schedule a campus visit?
    Contact Marybeth Helmink for an East Campus only visit or the Office of Admissions for a visit that starts on City Campus and ends on East Campus.
  2. Who do I contact with questions about the Agronomy major or the Plant and Landscape Systems major?
    Contact Tyler Quick (tquick2@unl.edu) if you have general questions about the major. Contact Anne Streich (astreich2@unl.edu) for advising questions.
  3. Who do I contact with questions for the Plant Biology major?
    Contact Christian Elowsky (celowsky@unl.edu) for questions and advising for the Plant Biology major.
  4. What admission application should I use?
    Visit the admissions application website for all the applications. Most students will use the first-year college student or transfer student application. If you are a high school senior or have graduated, but have completed fewer than 12 credit hours, complete the first-year college student application. If you have graduated high school and have or are currently enrolled in 12 credits or more, complete the transfer student application.
  5. How many credits can I transfer to UNL from a community college or another 4-year college?
    You may transfer up to 60 credits from a 2-year college and up to 90 credits from a 4-year college. Grades of C-, D+, D, and D- can only count toward free electives unless transferred from UNO or UNK.
  6. How do courses that I took at other colleges/universities transfer to UNL?
    Use the transfer course equivalency website to determine if there is an equivalent course at UNL. If a course that you have taken is not on this list, it does not mean that it will not transfer, but that it needs to be evaluated. Contact Marybeth Helmink (mbhelmink@unl.edu) in the CASNR Dean’s office to start the evaluation process.
  7. Is it possible to graduate in four years if I start at a 2-year school and then transfer to UNL?
    Yes. If you select courses at the 2-year school that transfer for specific degree requirements at UNL, you can graduate in four years. You will need to minimally take 60 credits at UNL, which equates to 15 credits per semester for 4-semesters. Contract Anne Streich (astreich2@unl.edu) if you have questions about courses that will transfer and apply toward your Agronomy or Plant and Landscape Systems degree requirements at UNL.
  8. How many credits are needed to graduate?
    You need 120 total credits. If you have not taken any college credits before starting at UNL, then 120 credits equates to 8 semesters (or 4 years) at 15 credits per semester.
  9. Can I retake the Math Placement Exam (MPE)?
    Yes. You have three attempts at the MPE during your time at UNL. If you placed into a lower math course than expected, consider reviewing your math skills and then retake the exam. For more information about the MPE and a practice exam see the MPE webpage.
  10. Are there any Department Scholarships available to freshmen?
    Yes. Most freshmen scholarships are awarded based on your admission application. However, there are some scholarships that require separate applications. See the scholarship webpage for additional information.

Undergraduate Student Services

Anne Streich

Anne Streich

PLAS Undergraduate Adviser
362D Plant Sciences Hall, East Campus
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Meghan Sindelar

Agronomy Undergraduate Adviser
377N Plant Sciences Hall, East Campus
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Christian Elowsky

Plant Biology Undergraduate Adviser
168 Keim Hall, East Campus
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