Richard B. Ferguson

Richard B. Ferguson


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Richard B. Ferguson

Professor, Vice Chancellor of Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture

Area of Expertise: Soil and Water Sciences

B.S., Biology/Chemistry, Friends University, 1976

M.S., Agronomy/Soil Fertility, Kansas State University, 1981

PhD., Agronomy/Soil Fertility, Kansas State University, 1985

Area of Focus

Soil Fertility and Precision Agriculture

Research Interests

  • Site-specific crop management
  • Landscape position impacts on nitrogen and water use efficiency
  • Use of crop canopy sensors for in-season evaluation of crop stress - particularly for nitrogen and water
  • Management practices to minimize nitrogen loss to the environment
  • Enhanced-efficiency fertilizers and their impact on nutrient use efficiency
  • Impacts of biomass removal on long-term soil productivity

Extension Interests



Recent Research

  • Kitchen, N.R., J.F. Shanahan, C.J. Ransom, C.J. Bandura, G.M. Bean, J.J. Camberato, P.R. Carter, J.D. Clark, R.B. Ferguson, F.G. Fernández, D.W. Franzen, C.A.M. Laboski,  E.D. Nafziger, Z. Qing, J.E. Sawyer, and M. Shafer. 2017. A public-industry partnership for enhancing corn nitrogen research and datasets: project description, methodology, and outcomes. Agron. J. (accepted June 12, 2017)
  • Abunyewa, Akwasi A., Richard B. Ferguson, Charles. S. Wortmann, and Stephen C. Mason. 2016. Grain sorghum leaf reflectance and nitrogen status. African J. Ag. Research. 11:825-836.
  • Davidson, Eric. A., Rachel. L. Nifong, Richard B. Ferguson, Cheryl Palm, Deanna L. Osmond, Jill S. Baron. 2016. Nutrients in the Nexus. J. Environ. Stud. Sci. 6:25-38.
  • Rudnick, D.R., S. Irmak, R. Ferguson, T. Shaver, K. Djamman, G. Slater, A. Bereuter, N. Ward, D. Francis, M. Schmer, B. Wienhold, S. VanDonk. 2016. Economic return vs. crop water productivity of maize for various nitrogen rates under full irrigation, limited irrigation, and rainfed settings in south central Nebraska. J. Irrigation and Drainage Engineering 142 (6):04016017.
  • Maharjan, B. and R.B. Ferguson. 2016. Polymer-coated urea improved corn response compared to urea ammonium nitrate when applied on a coarse-textured soil. Agronomy Journal 108:509-518.
  • Thompson, L.J., R.B. Ferguson, N. Kitchen, D.W. Franzen, M. Mamo, H. Yang, and J.S. Schepers. 2015. Model and Sensor-Based Recommendation Approaches for In-Season Nitrogen Management in Corn. Agronomy Journal. 107:2020-2030.
  • Peng, X., B. Maharjan, C. Yu, A. Su, R. Ferguson. 2015. A Laboratory Evaluation of Ammonia Volatilization and Nitrate Leaching Following Nitrogen Fertilizer Application on a Coarse-Textured Soil. Agronomy Journal 107:871-879.
  • Ferguson, Richard B. 2015. Groundwater quality and nitrogen use efficiency in Nebraska’s Central Platte River Valley. Journal of Environmental Quality 44:449-459.
  • Pan, L., Adamchuk, V.I., Ferguson, R.B., Dutilleul, P.R.L. and Prasher, S.O. 2014. Analysis of Water Stress Prediction Quality as Influenced by the Number and Placement of Temporal Soil-Water Monitoring Sites. Journal of Water Resource and Protection, 6:961-971.
  • Blanco, H., Ferguson, R., Jin, V., Schmer, M., Wienhold, B., Tatarko, J. 2014. Can cover crop and manure maintain soil properties after stover removal from irrigated no-till corn? Soil Science Society of America, 78:1368-1377.
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  • Djamman, K., S. Irmak, D. Martin, R. Ferguson, M. Bernards. 2013. Plant nutrient uptake and soil nutrient dynamics under full and limited irrigation and rainfed maize production. Agron. J. 105:527-538.
  • Torrion, J., J. Specht, T. Setiyano, K. Cassman, R. Ferguson and S. Irmak. 2012. Soybean root development relative to vegetative and reproductive phenology. Agron. J. 104:1702-1709.
  • Wortmann, C.S., C.A. Shapiro, R. Ferguson and M. Mainz. 2012. Irrigated soybean has a small response to nitrogen applied during early reproductive growth. Crop Management doi:10.1094/CM-2012-0126-01-RS.
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  • Adamchuk, V.I., A.S. Mat Su, R.A. Eigenberg, and R.B. Ferguson. 2011. Development of an angular scanning system for sensing vertical profiles of soil electrical conductivity. Trans. of the ASABE 54(3):1-11.
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  • Abunyewa, Akwasi. A., Richard B. Ferguson, Charles S. Wortmann, Drew J. Lyon, Stephen C. Mason, Suat Irmak and Robert N. Klein. 2011. Grain sorghum water use with skip-row configuration in the Central Great Plains of the USA. African J. Agric. Research 6(23):5328-5338.
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