Charles A. Francis

Charles A. Francis

Charles A. Francis


B.S., Agronomy, University of California at Davis, 1961

M.S., Plant Breeding, Cornell University, 1967

Ph.D., Plant Breeding, Cornell University, 1970

Area of Focus

Agronomy, Crop Rotations, and Farming Systems

Research Interests

Design of resource efficient cropping systems, long-term rotations and cover crops, spatially diverse field designs, integrated crop/animal systems, whole farm planning and watershed design for environmentally sound production systems; on-farm and participatory research and educational activities, collaborative research design; future farming systems, role of diversity and integrated resource management, value added enterprises and products, and relationships of small and moderate-scale family farms to viable rural communities.

Extension Interests

Crop rotations, design of resource efficient crop, animal, and agroforestry systems, sustainable practices and farming systems in watershed design, value-added enterprises and products, organic farming and gardening, integration of farming with community viability, participatory on-farm research and education programs, regional professional development program in North Central Region.

Major Project Activities

Education and research in long-term crop rotations, analysis of flexible rotation systems, crop/animal integration, whole-farm and landscape analysis and design, on-farm research design and interpretation, urbanization of rural landscapes, farming at the rural/urban interface, small and large-scale land control changes (land grabs), innovative and participatory learning environments, and research in experiential learning.

Courses Taught


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  • Rotolo, G.C., C.A. Francis, R.M. Craviotto, and S. Ulgiati. 2014. Environmental Assessment of Corn Production Alternatives. Traditional, Intensive and Genetically Modified Cropping Patterns. Ecological Indicators [in review]
  • Rótolo, G.C., S. Montico, C.A. Francis, and S. Ulgiati. 2015. How Land Allocation and Technology Innovation Affect the Sustainability of Agriculture in Argentina Pampas: An Expanded Life Cycle Analysis. Agricultural Systems 141(December):79-93.
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