Jingjie Hao

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Jingjie Hao

Research Assistant Professor

Area of Expertise: Plant Breeding and Genetics

Main Area of Focus

Plant Molecular Biology and Microbiology

Research Interests

Hao’s current research focuses on studying plant root-associated microbiome to understand the molecular interactions between plant roots and soil microbes through transcriptome, DNA methylome, root exudate metabolite profiling and the assembly of microbe metagenomes. The ultimate goal will be the understanding of the molecular mechanisms, regulatory elements and the complex integrated networks underlying the functional properties of microbes, plants and communities through genome-level datasets.


Google Scholar publication list
  • Jingjie Hao, Yen Ning Chai, Lucas Dantas Lopes, Raziel A. Ordóñez, Emily E. Wright, Sotirios Archontoulis, and Daniel P. Schachtman. "The effects of soil depth on the structure of microbial communities in agricultural soils in Iowa (United States)." Applied and Environmental Microbiology (2021).
  • Lucas D. Lopes, Jingjie Hao, and Daniel P. Schachtman. "Alkaline soil pH affects bulk soil, rhizosphere and root endosphere microbiomes of plants growing in a Sandhills ecosystem." FEMS Microbiology Ecology (2021).
  • Jingjie Hao, Conglie Ma, Yanhai Yin, and Shui-zhang Fei. "A novel method of generating RNAi libraries for high-throughput gene function analysis of creeping bentgrass." International Turfgrass Society Research Journal (2021).
  • Gitanshu Munjal, Jingjie Hao, Larry R. Teuber, and E. Charles Brummer. "Selection mapping identifies loci underpinning autumn dormancy in alfalfa (Medicago sativa)." G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics (2018).
  • Jingjie Hao, Jinliang Yang, Jiangli Dong, and Shui-zhang Fei. "Characterization of BdCBF genes and genome-wide transcriptome profiling of BdCBF3-dependent and-independent cold stress responses in Brachypodium distachyon." Plant Science (2017).