Blaine Johnson

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Blaine Johnson

Professor of Practice

Area of Expertise: Plant Breeding and Genetics

B.S., Ag Honors (Range Management & Rumen Nutrition), University of Nebraska, 1971

M.S., Crop Science (Plant Breeding and Statistics), Oregon State University, 1973

Ph.D., Agronomy (Quantitative Genetics and Applied Mathematics), University of Nebraska, 1986

Areas of Focus

  • Plant Breeding, Design and Analysis of Field Crop Experiments
  • Plant Breeding of Hybrid Crops
  • Teaching Applied Plant Breeding

Research Interests

  • Development and release of genetically improved cultivars and hybrids
  • Sources and use of elite maize germplasm used in maize breeding
  • Development and implementation of statistical and data analysis tools for applied plant breeders

Extension Interests

  • Consulting with growers and end-users on evaluation and selection of adapted plant cultivars

Courses Taught


Google Scholar publication list
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