Stevan Z. Knezevic



Stevan Z. Knezevic


Area of Expertise: Plant Physiology, Weed, and Production Systems

B. S., Plant Protection, University of Belgrade, 1986

M. S., Crop Science (Weed Science), University of Guelph, 1993

Ph.D., Agronomy (Weed Science), Kansas State University, 1997

Area of Focus

Integrated Weed Management

Research Interests

The objective of my research program is to develop weed control strategies based on a multidisciplinary approach that builds bridges among scientific disciplines, especially between weed/crop ecology and herbicide technology. A single weed control measure is not feasible due to the number of different weed species and their highly variable life cycles. My program, therefore, advocates a combination of weed control methods (the use of many "little hammers"). We conduct weed control studies in field crops (conventional and organic), rangeland, pasture and riparian settings. Over the last 15 years I have developed nationally and internationally recognized expertise on the following 3 concepts:

  1. Critical Period of Weed Control (CTWC) and data analysis: Our manuscript on CPWC provided a standardized procedure for this type of studies (Knezevic et al. 2002. Critical period of weed control: the concept and data analysis. Weed Sci. 50: 773-786). So far we had published 9 manuscripts related to this concept with the work of 3 of my graduate students.
  2. Dose Response Studies and data analysis: Our manuscript provided a standard procedure (e.g. recipe) for this type of studies (Knezevic et al. 2007. Utilizing R software package for dose-response studies: the concept and data analysis. Weed Technol. 21:840-848). This manuscript was the MOST READ and MOST CITED manuscript from 2001-2011. So far we have published over 10 manuscripts that utilized this concept in handling data analysis. We also utilize this concept routinely in herbicide evaluation trials and flaming weeding studies.
  3. Weed Flaming and data analysis: Our flame weeding studies were conducted in 7 agronomic crops, primarily corn (field corn, popcorn and sweet corn), sorghum, sunflower, soybean and winter wheat. We are also interested to expend to other crops. So far we published about 20 manuscripts.

Courses Taught

Honors and Awards

  • The MOST READ and MOST CITED manuscript in last 10 years (2001-2011) in Weed Technology Journal (Title: Utilizing R Software Package for Dose-Response Studies: The Concept and Data Analysis" )
  • Internet Tool for Weed Control (Web Version of Nebraska Weed Guide), American Society of Agronomy, 2011
  • Honorable mention at NCWSS, program with largest number of papers at NCWSS in WI, with 18 papers, 2011
  • Featured Article for Weed Technology Journal in 2010. Title: Growth Stage-Influenced Differential Response of Foxtail and Pigweed Species to Broadcast Flaming, featured article in November-2010.
  • Top Cited article for Weed Technology journal in 2009 (464 hits). (Title: Adjuvants Influenced Saflufenacil Efficacy on Fall-Emerging Weeds). It was also in the top 10 articles from 2005-2009.
  • Excellence in Team Programming, from University of Nebraska–Lincoln IANR for the "Skip Row Corn Team" team.
  • Best Extension Publication. Guide for Weed Management in Nebraska. American Soc. of Agronomy. 2006
  • Best paper (2nd place) published in the 2001 issue of the Weed Science J. 47:454-461. WSSA. 2001
  • Outstanding Young Scientist in Crop Protection, American Society of Agronomy, 2000.
  • Layman Research Award, IANR, University of Nebraska–Lincoln. 2000.

Student and Visitors Research Projects

( a ) Post Doctoral Research Associate:

  1. Dr. Avishek Datta, Vegetation control on sandbars along Missouri River (2008-2012)
  2. Dr. Rena Neha, Glyphosate and HPPD resistance (2012-present)

( b ) Ph. D. students:

  1. Janyce Woodard, Weed control and growth of buffer crops (2004-current-part time)
  2. Santiago Ulloa, Weed control with flaming (2006-2010)
  3. Ryan Rapp, Integrated management of common reed (2008-2012)
  4. Igor Elezovic, CTWC in sunflower (2009-present, U of Belgrade, Serbia)
  5. Robert Leskovsek, Common ragweed control (2008-2012, U of Maribor, Slovenia)
  6. Isa Kabenge, Energy fluxes of invasive species along the Platte River (2008-2011)
  7. Chris Bruening, Designing new flaming equipment (2010-present)
  8. Electra Kanellou, Vegetation control around historical sites (2012-present, Univ. of Athens, Greece)

( c ) M. S. students:

  1. Sean Evans, Critical period of weed control in corn (1999-2001)
  2. Shawn Hock, Competitive indices of weed species in soybean (2002-2005)
  3. Travis Gustafson, Weed-insect interactions on weed management (2003-2005)
  4. Katie Wrade (MAg), Field sandbur control in corn (2003-2005)
  5. Aaron Quinn, Predicting purple loosestrife infestations using GIS model (2004-2006)
  6. Chris Bruening, Designing new hood for crop and weed flaming (2007-2009)
  7. Brian Neilson, Flaming and Cultivation in Sunflower (2009-2012)
  8. Strahinja Stepanovic, Weed Control with Cultivation and Flaming (2011-present)
  9. Dejan Nedeljkovic, Control of glyphosate resistant Giant Ragweed (2010-present)

( d ) Undergraduate students:

  1. Christy McCoy, Velvetleaf control in Roundup-Ready soybean (WSC in 2001)
  2. Andre Domingues, Flaming methods for selected weed species (Brazil in 2007)
  3. Heverton Z. Teixeira , Corn response to flaming (Brazil in 2007)
  4. Pierre Marteau, Sunflower growth and duration of weed removal (France, 2008)
  5. Claudio Martins-Costa, Differential tolerance of corn types to flaming (Brazil in 2008)
  6. Jayme Netto, Wheat tolerance to broadcast flaming (Brazil in 2008)
  7. Brian Neilson, Sweet corn tolerance to flaming (University of Nebraska–Lincoln in 2009)
  8. Dustin Simpson. Weed control with flaming (University of Nebraska–Lincoln in 2009)
  9. Strahinja Stepanovic, Weed control with flaming in corn (Serbia, 2010)
  10. Dejan Nedeljkovic, Corn Tolerance to multiple flaming (Serbia, 2011)
  11. Ana Obradovic, Economics of flame weeding (Serbia, 2011)

( e ) Visiting Scientists and Scholars:

Visits that lasted from 1 to 6 months:

  1. Dr. Mario Lesnik (Slovenia), Dose response concept (2009)
  2. Dr. Goran Malidza (Serbia), Critical period of weed control in sunflower (2009)
  3. Dr. Marco Fontanelli (Italy), Weed control with flaming (2009)
  4. Mr. Sidnei Cavalieri (Brazil), Popcorn tolerance to nicosulfuron (2009)
  5. Igor Elezovic, (Serbia) CTWC in sunflower (2010)
  6. Robert Leskovsek (Slovenia), Common ragweed control (2010)
  7. Dr. Nihat Tursun (Turkey). Soybean tolerance to multiple flaming (2011)

Visits that lasted less than 1 month:

  1. Dr. Ibro Elezovic from Serbia in 2010, Weed control with flaming
  2. Dr. Peter Bleeker from Holland in 2009, Crop tolerance to flaming
  3. Dr. Mario Lesnik from Slovenia in 2008, Weed flaming
  4. Dr. Andrey Simoncic from Slovenia in 2008. Weed flaming
  5. Dr. Renan Aguero from Costa Rica in 2008, Weed control with flaming
  6. Dr. Ryohei Ueno from Japan in 2007, Dose response concept
  7. Dr. Toshihiro Ambe from Japan in 2007, Dose response concept
  8. Dr. Peter Sikkema from Canada in 2007, Dose response concept and data analysis
  9. Dr. Joashir Kaiser from Germany in 2007, Dose response concept
  10. Dr. Kenji Takama from Japan in 2006, Dose response concept
  11. Dr. Hasashi Honda from Japan in 2006, Dose response concept
  12. Dr. Milena Simic from Serbia in 2006, CTWR in sunflower
  13. Dr. Mirko Ivanovic from Serbia in 2006, Dose response concept
  14. Dr. Radivoje Jevtic, from Serbia in 2006 Dose response concept
  15. Dr. Nedeljko Latinovic from Montenegro in 2006, Dose response concept
  16. Dr. Nioki Oyamma from Japan in 2005, Dose response concept
  17. Dr. Yoshihiro Yamaji from Japan in 2005, Dose response concept
  18. Dr. Osamu Watanabe from Japan in 2005, Dose response concept
  19. Dr Yariv Keadr from Israel in 2004, Dose response concept
  20. Dr. Moshik Fish from Israel in 2004, Dose response concept

Extension Interests

  • To keep crop producers up to date with the current weed control issues.
  • To respond promptly and accurately to the regional needs and requests related to weed control and crop production.
  • To utilize various distance education tools in order to disseminate information to county educators, crop consultants, growers, and the public in general.


Extension Publications

  • Knezevic S. Z., A. Datta and R. Rapp. 2008. Common Reed. UNL-Extension Publication. EC-08-166.
  • Wilson R. and S. Z. Knezevic. 2007. Salt cedar. UNL-Extension Publication. EC-07-164.
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  • Hunt T. and S. Z. Knezevic. 2002. Monitoring procedures for Galerucella beetles to control purple loosestrife. Extension Circular. UNL-Extension Publication. EC02-175.
  • Knezevic S. Z. and D. Smith. 2001. Rearing and releasing Galerucella beetles to control purple loosestrife. NebGuide. UNL-Extension Publication. G01-1436-A.
  • Eghball B., C. Shapiro and S. Z. Knezevic. 2001. Manure application effects on weed infestations. NC-Extension 189
  • Co-Author of four Annual Publications:
    • Guide for weed management in Nebraska.
    • Corn hybrids for Nebraska.
    • Soybean varieties for Nebraska.
    • Alfalfa varieties for Nebraska.
  • Weed Research for northeast Nebraska. Yearly report

Refereed Journal Articles

Critical Period of Weed Control

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Dose Response Curves

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Flame Weeding

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Book Chapters and Manuals

  • Knezevic, Datta, Bruening and Gogos, 2012. Propane Fueled Flame Weeding in corn, soybean and sunflower.
  • Taylor E., S. Z. Knezevic and S. M. Ulloa. 2008. Flaming for Weed Management. Chapter 4, pages 61-74. In: Integrated Weed Management: Fine Tuning the System. Extension Bulletin E-3065. (132 pages), Michigan State University, East Lansing.
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