Don Lee

Donald J. Lee


Area of Expertise: Plant Breeding and Genetics

B.A., Biology, Augustana College, 1981

M.S., Agronomy, South Dakota State University, 1985

Ph.D., Plant Breeding and Genetics, Montana State University, 1988

Area of Focus

Plant Breeding, Genetics and Molecular Physiology

Research Interests

  • Detection and assessment of molecular genetic variation in crops, weeds and native plants.
  • Development of Internet resources for teaching genetics to a wide variety of learners.

Major Project Activities


We are currently partnering with colleagues at Colorado State University to assess the role of host plant and herbivorous insect genetic variation in the biological control of leafy spurge.


We offer on-line courses each semester in the application of genetics in the development and management of our crops. In addition, I provide extension training on the topics of transgenic crop development and plant breeding. Our on-line resource of lessons ( supports these educational events and provides learners world wide with access to up to date instruction in these areas.

Extension Interests

Understanding new and traditional genetic technologies and their role in the development of our food and feed.

Courses Taught


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