Robert Mitchell
FYH 251
Lincoln NE 68583-0937

Robert Mitchell

USDA Research Agronomist and Adjunct Professor

Area of Expertise:

B.S. Natural Resource/Wildlife, University of Nebraska, 1989

M.S. Agronomy/Range & Forage, University of Nebraska, 1992

Ph.D. Agronomy/Range & Forage, University of Nebraska, 1995

Area of Focus

Bioenergy and Grassland Management

Research Interests

  • Bioenergy
  • Grassland Establishment and Management
  • Grass Growth and Development
  • Grassland Ecology

Extension Area of Emphasis

  • Bioenergy
  • Grassland Establishment and Management

Major Project Activities

I’m interested in conducting research that helps producers successfully establish and manage perennial grasses. My research focuses on improving establishment and management practices for perennial grasses, developing perennial grasses for bioenergy, and finding the best use of marginally-productive cropland.


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