Frels to present award for research into improving nutrition in healthy foods

Monday, February 19, 2024

Foundation for Innovation in Healthy Food

Katherine Frels, a scientist and assistant professor in the Department of Agronomy and Horticulture and a collaborator with the Nebraska Food for Health Center, will be among the presenters of the newly-established Marie Clark Taylor CGF Fellowship. Frels will present the award to Delaware State University student Lauren A. Waller at the Feb. 21 Coalition for Grain Fiber workshop in Kansas City, Kansas.

The fellowship is named after Marie Clark Taylor, an educator, plant breeder and former dean at Howard University. It honors a minority student dedicated to applying plant science and/or food science for the benefit of all socioeconomic groups.

Waller an undergrad studying plant science, will present her research at the CGF workshop, “Opportunities and Risks: Wheat Milling, Baking Supply Chain and the Coalition for Grain Fiber.” The event’s theme is “creating the roadmap to growing more fiber – using commercial wheats to improve diets.”

“This fellowship,” said Frels, “is an opportunity for CGF to expand beyond our wheat growers and industry stakeholders and connect directly with more communities that will benefit from increased fiber wheat. We are building research ties that allow students at HBCU and minority serving institutions to develop a network of mentors and collaborators at land grant and R1 universities around the U.S.

The fellowship is the first step in engaging with the HBCU community to ensure urban and rural participation in the planning and execution of research into increasing nutrients in staple foods.”

Frels will join Maria Itria Ibba of the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center and Rod Wallace of the Foundation for Innovation in Healthy Food in presenting the award.

“Through her research, Dr. Frels has demonstrated a commitment not just to improving the health benefits of wheat-based foods, but also to creating value-added products that will benefit Nebraska wheat growers,” said Derek McLean, dean and director of the Agricultural Research Division at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. “Her work continues a long tradition of wheat research at UNL.”

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Katherine Frels
Katherine Frels