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Pi Alpha Xi is the National Honor Society for Horticulture. It was founded at Cornell University in 1923. Nationally, there are 40 chapters with 14,000 members. The University of Nebraska–Lincoln chapter, Alpha-Gamma, began in 1982 and since that time 350 horticulturists have been initiated. The purpose of the group is to promote high scholarship, fellowship among students, educators and professional horticulturists, professional leadership and the enrichment of human life through plants.

National Pi Alpha Xi website
Pi Alpha Xi 2021-22 Members


To unify students, educators and professional horticulturists and to promote high scholarship, fellowship, professional leadership and the enrichment of human life through plants.

Junior and Senior Horticulture majors with a 3.0 GPA overall and at least 15 hours in Horticulture classes are invited to join. Notification of nomination is sent out during the spring semester by the advisors.

Membership Fees
Induction into Pi Alpha Xi requires only a $30 lifetime membership fee.

Benefits to Joining
Pi Alpha Xi membership looks great on a resume and can help to distinguish you from other people in the job market. You also get to know the horticulture faculty and staff on a more personal level. Students that actively participate in Pi Alpha Xi are recognized with honor cords for graduation. Also members will have the opportunity to apply for the Pi Alpha Xi scholarship. This is a $200 scholarship supported by our chapter and matched by national Pi Alpha Xi.

There are only three meetings a year – one in the fall semester and two in the spring semester, plus the initiation ceremony in the spring.

Funds are raised by various growing projects (VP usually leads this initiative). We use these funds to recognize scholarship by publicizing the Horticulture students that make the Dean’s List and receive scholarships. Our officers help select, along with Horticulture Club, one outstanding horticulturist to receive the President’s Citation. Pi Alpha Xi maintains the Honor Wall which lists horticulture students who receive national recognition.

Scholarship and Nomination Forms

Complete the following forms and submit to Ellen T. Paparozzi, Professor, at etp1@unl.edu.

Pi Alpha Xi initiation 2022


The Alpha-Gamma Chapter at Nebraska takes pride in the initiation ceremony of new members. Each year invited initiates go through a very detailed ritual to become a member of this horticulture honor society. The room in which we hold this event is highly decorated with flowers and candlelight to make the experience special. Parents are invited and encouraged to attend this special event. The Alpha-Gamma Chapter is proud of their heritage, one that has been in existence for over 35 years.

2022 Pi Alpha Xi Initiation

2022 Pi Alpha Xi Initiation

2022 Pi Alpha Xi Initiation

2022 Pi Alpha Xi Initiation

2022 Pi Alpha Xi Initiation

2022 Pi Alpha Xi Initiation

2021 Pi Alpha Xi Initiation

2021 Pi Alpha Xi Initiation

2021 Pi Alpha Xi Initiation

2021 Pi Alpha Xi Initiation

2021 Pi Alpha Xi Initiation

2021 Pi Alpha Xi Initiation


Wreath-making Class Fundraiser

Every December, Pi Alpha Xi hosts a wreath-making workshop that is open to the public. This event creates an opportunity for members to develop their leadership skills as they teach others how to construct a wreath. Participants are always excited to join in the festivities at Prairie Pines. Proceeds from the event benefit the Pi Alpha Xi scholarship fund.

2021 Pi Alpha Xi Wreath-making class with Lambe
2021 Pi Alpha Xi Wreath-making class with Paparozzi
2021 Pi Alpha Xi Wreath-making class with Paparozzi

Lotus Leaflet

The Lotus Leaflet is a collection of information about members, minutes of current meetings, and recent announcements. There are some interesting articles about horticulture and articles written by the current president. To get a better idea of what Pi Alpha Xi involves, leaf through the leaflet!

Lotus Leaflet Archives

About Us

Pi Alpha Xi has five events per year: three meetings, the wreath-making class fundraiser and Pi Alpha Xi initiation.

Pi Alpha Xi Officers and Responsibilities


  • Organizes and leads early September meeting.
  • Organizes and leads early February meeting.
  • Serves as representative on the Department of Agronomy and Horticulture Banquet committee.
  • Meets with President of Hort Club to select President’s Citation winner (1st week of March) – purchases plaque for winner from Awards Unlimited in time for Horticulture Club Banquet – order plaque 2 weeks before banquet.
    • President of Hort Club invites winner and guest to banquet. Hort Club pays for banquet costs. PAX pays for plaque.
  • Organizes and leads March meeting.
  • Organizes and leads Initiation.

Vice President

  • Assists President in composing meeting agendas and registers all events.
  • Organizes wreath-making class.


  • Takes minutes at meetings and posts on bulletin boards.
  • Composes, copies and mails out invitations to all three meetings and initiation.
  • Updates scholarship and Dean's list plaques.
  • Updates bulletin board.


  • Keeps balance of checking account and reimburses expenses.
  • Brings plaques to Awards Unlimited to be updated (once in April and once in September).
  • Assists Vice President in organizing wreath-making class.

Alpha-Gamma Chapter Officers


  • President – Jacob Hillis
  • Vice President – Jacob Nichols
  • Secretary – Macey Wooldrik
  • Treasurer – Nathan Starr


  • President – Caleb Wehrbein
  • Vice President – Christine Barta
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Luqi Li


  • President – Kelsey Tarrell
  • Vice President – Julia Cambridge
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Luqi Li


  • President – Ben Searl
  • Vice President – Olivia Fiala
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Luqi Li


  • President – Patrick Murphy
  • Vice President – Elizabeth Lutz
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Luqi Li
2022 Pi Alpha Xi officers

2021–2022 Pi Alpha Xi, Alpha-Gamma officers are Macey Wooldrik (from left), Jacob Nichols, Jacob Hillis and Nathan Starr.

Pi Alpha Xi – Alpha-Gamma Chapter Advisors

David P. Lambe

David P. Lambe

Associate Professor of Practice
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Ellen T. Paparozzi

Luqi Li

Bio Information

Ellen T. Paparozzi

Ellen T. Paparozzi

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