Brian Rice

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Brian Rice

Assistant Professor

Area of Expertise: Plant Breeding and Genetics

Area of Focus

Quantitative Genetics

Research Interests

My research interests are in quantitative genetic trait modeling. My lab strives to improve our understanding of complex traits such as yield under abiotic stressors. The areas of focus to accomplish this mission are:

  • Developing strategies to include molecular genetic knowledge in association and prediction models
  • Work with breeding programs to test hypotheses on trait genetics in dynamic populations
  • Evaluate and test breeding program designs that enable simultaneous genetic gain with trait discovery


Google Scholar publication list
  • Rice, B. Lipka, AE. (2021). Diversifying Maize Genomic Selection Models. Molecular Breeding, 41(5).
  • Xu, X., Crow, M., Rice, B. R., et al. (2020). Single-Cell RNA Sequencing of Developing Ears Facilitates Functional Analysis and Trait Candidate Gene Discovery in Maize. Developmental Cell, 56(4).
  • Brian R Rice, Samuel B Fernandes, Alexander E Lipka. (2020). Multi-Trait Genome-wide Association Studies Reveal Loci Associated with Maize Inflorescence and Leaf Architecture. Plant and Cell Physiology, 61(8).
  • Rice, B., Lipka, AE. (2019). Evaluation of RR-BLUP genomic selection models that incorporate peak genome-wide association study signals in maize and sorghum. The Plant Genome, 12(1).