Sarath Gautam
FYH 251
Lincoln NE 68583-0937



Gautam Sarath

USDA-ARS Research Molecular Biologist/Biochemist and Adjunct Professor

Area of Expertise:

B.S. Botany Delhi University, India, 1974

M.S. Botany Delhi University, India, 1976

Ph.D. Plant Physiology/Biochemistry University of California-Davis, 1984

Area of Focus

Molecular Biology

Research Interests

Understand the traits controlling biomass and forage qualities in warm-season prairie grasses. Contribute to the understanding of nitrogen metabolism of prairie legumes. Seed germination and plant development. Histone biotinylation

Extension Area of Emphasis

Contribute to the outreach mission of the USDA-ARS

Courses Taught


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