Brandi A. Sigmon

Brandi A. Sigmon

Brandi A. Sigmon

Research Assistant Professor

B.S., Biology, Mars Hill College, 2003

Ph.D., Genetics, Iowa States University, 2010

Area of Focus

Plant evolution and development, comparative genomics

Research Interests

  • Plant evolution and development, focusing on grass inflorescences as a model system
  • Plant comparative genomics and molecular evolution of nuclear, plastid, and mitochondrial genomes
  • Understanding microbial community composition and structure in agricultural ecosystems

Courses Taught


  • Sigmon B. and E. Vollbrecht. 2010. Evidence of selection at the ramosa1 locus during maize domestication. Molecular Ecology 19:1296-1311.
  • Vollbrecht E. and B. Sigmon. 2005. Amazing grass: developmental genetics of maize domestication. Biochemical Society Transactions 33:1502-1506.