Sam Wortman


·Grow Local Innovation Lab

Sam Wortman

Associate Professor

Area of Expertise: Horticulture, Turf and Landscape Systems

B.A., Biology and Environmental Studies, University of St. Thomas, 2007

M.S., Agronomy, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, 2009

Ph.D., Agronomy, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, 2012

Area of Focus

  • Specialty Crop Systems

Research Interests

  • Interactions between plants and the environment
  • Local, urban, and organic fruit and vegetable production
  • Biobased management tools for improved sustainability of specialty crop farms


Google Scholar publication list
  • Thompson, A. A., M. B. Samuelson, I. Kadoma, E. Soto-Cantu, R. Drijber, and S. E. Wortman. 2019. Degradation rate of bio-based agricultural mulch is influenced by mulch composition and biostimulant application. Journal of Polymers and the Environment 27:498-509. 
  • Braun, E.A., S.T. Lovell, M. Babadoost, F. Forcella, S. Clay, D. Humburg, and S.E. Wortman. 2019. Abrasive Grit Application in Organic Red Pepper: An Opportunity for Integrating Nitrogen and Weed Management. HortScience 54:1509-1516.
  • Wortman, S. E., I. Kadoma, and M. D. Crandall. 2016. Biodegradable plastic and fabric mulch performance in field and high tunnel cucumber production. HortTechnology 26:148-155.
  • Wortman, S. E. and S. T. Lovell. 2013. Environmental challenges threatening the growth of urban agriculture in the United States. Journal of Environmental Quality 42:1283-1294.
  • Wortman, S. E., C. A. Francis, and J. L. Lindquist. 2012. Cover crop mixtures for the Western Corn Belt: Opportunities for increased productivity and stability. Agronomy Journal 104:699-705.